A children’s debut by Stephanie Shields, this very special book is illustrated by Cameron and Jessica Patrick (aged seven and five, respectively).

Perfect for story corners and bedtime reading, this beautiful tale charts the struggles of the Star Princess who has been alone in her tower watching the world. Up there so long, with only the stars for company, she’s forgotten how to come down and finds herself wishing on a shooting star.

Such wishes can only be granted by magic, so it’s a good job the Kitchen Witch was listening and caught that lonely wish on the night air. She prepares a spell and sends the princess a package of spells to help her overcome fears and tears, and walk outside once more.

A truly charming first edition, ideally suitable for children aged 2-8 and grownups everywhere.

Paperback: ISBN 9780995763722

Available worldwide through retailers, distributors, and wholesalers.