From writer Thomas Heasman-Hunt, Legacy follows Emily Ajax and her loyal crew across star systems and nebulae, taking in the astonishing sights of their universe and facing down enemies old and new in the finest tradition of space opera adventure.

In a distant part of space in some unknown epoch, humanity has spread across the stars. With access to wondrous technology like the tidal drive that allows for interstellar travel – albeit not without cost – peace has been won after long years of conflict. The architect of that peace was the swashbuckling Captain Ajax, a hero and a legend. But now Captain Ajax has died, leaving his daughter and only heir, Emily, to grapple with his legacy.

The petulance of a spoiled princess opens the door to a galactic conspiracy, and sets the scene for a new conflict in the troubled Four Quadrants. Emily Ajax has a lot to live up to, but in command of her father’s famous ship, The Sunskimmer, she may have the potential to become a hero of even greater renown than him.

Hardcover: ISBN 9780995763777

Paperback: ISBN 9780995763791

eBook (All Formats): ISBN 9780995763784

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