Thomas Heasman-Hunt is a writer and “noisy boy” (E Heasman-Hunt, 2015). He’s been creating fiction since he was old enough to do different voices for his toys, with varying degrees of success. In 2012, emboldened by the world not ending, he began writing short stories and has rebuffed all attempts at being stopped.

Image: Thomas Heasman-Hunt

From his masses of fiction came literally several publishable works, of which his Cynefin debut is just one. He lives in Cambridgeshire with his wife, Emma, and their tortoise, Meat Pie, but can also be found on the internet shouting ineffectually about various progressive causes. When not writing he tries, like many large mammals, to split his time equally between sleeping and eating.

He specialises in genre fiction, particularly speculative fiction, but has also turned his hand to contemporary and literary fiction. A prolific and passionate writer, Thomas is constantly updating his blog with new content.

You can keep up with him on Twitter @ThommyH_H