Last week we set J.J. Patrick a two week challenge to write a political thriller. As ever, he rose to the occasion but his daughter has been in hospital unexpectedly, so he’s had to set it aside. (It’s clear the subject matter is one he considers personally destructive, too).

What he made a start on was, as far as we’re concerned, a fantastic book in the making, so we are sharing it below. (At least, what we had up until last Sunday). It is, of course Copyright of J.J. Patrick (James Patrick) 2016, all rights reserved and reproduced here with permission. It is a work of fiction and no actual MPs or journalists were harmed in the writing process.

We also (democratically) agreed that it’s important to show the writing process at the rough draft stage because it’s often buried behind the scenes and forgotten about, but it’s precisely how all great books start out…

We hope you all agree that James should revisit it, when things are more settled for him. Enjoy!

Shadow Cabinet


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