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Hot off the heels of our Q&A with author Stephanie Shields, it’s time to meet the illustrators of her Children’s debut, The Star Princess and The Kitchen Witch.

First up it’s five year old Jessica Patrick, a zesty little monster with a glint in her eye that suggests she can be trouble.

Tell us about you, we asked, as she worked away on her first solo book, The Elves and The Shoemaker.

“My name is Jessica, I’m five I like visting Adventureland for free and making necklaces. I love all of the people in the universe who are my friends. I especially love, love, love my family.”

Turning to her experience as an illustrator and the drawings of the Star Princess, it’s hard not love her to bits. She’s clearly proud of her work, and rightly so in our eyes.

“For a long time I was drawing pictures of everything for mum and dad. Old tree houses and stuff. I love drawing and painting. For the story I had to draw a big castle, and a princess, and a hill, and stars. I like the drawings because they are lovely.”

But she does have other projects on the horizon and is keen to work on a sequel with her brother, too. She’s also a good source of information about witches, it would seem…

“Maybe next time I could do the witch and Cameron could do the princess. Did you know that witches who don’t make potions are good?”

Image by Cynefin Road

Her big brother, Cameron, is seven years old and clearly takes writing and engineering very seriously already. As it happens, we interrupted him right in the middle of drafting a chapter in his latest novella.

“I write on the computer quite a lot. Mostly quests about anything really. I make robots, too.”

Being this independently creative, we had to ask what inspired him to get involved with illustrating a book alongside his little sister.

“Well, I just heard the name of the story and thought ‘I love writing, so I really want to get involved’. The story is really good, all of it. I just got the kitchen witch out of my mind. She’s definitely a good witch, this one.”

It’s a pleasure to hear such a clever young man so in love with story telling – the future of fiction appears to be in safe hands. We also let him in on Jessica’s view of witches, which turned him to the one sticking point in the story – his editorial is fierce, to say the least – and led to a fit of giggles.

“I don’t know why she gave the princess a present. If I was that witch, I’d have given her squirting goo in a box! Because it’s funny!”

Boys will be boys… But what is in store for this bright little author?

“I’m probably going to carry on writing The Highway Raider because I’ve finished Scary Quests, so that just needs publishing.”

The Star Princess and The Kitchen Witch is due for release in September 2016 by Cynefin Road.

It almost certain that Cameron and Jessica will have their own titles dominating the bestsellers soon…








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