Forever Completely is an unapologetically unique debut by J.J. Patrick, set in a haphazard world of love, psychopathic primates, hodgepodge witchcraft and the apocalyptic end of mankind.

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He doesn’t matter. That’s how he feels, writing a bitter note on a Saturday morning. He’s lost his relationship, gone bankrupt and lives in a drug infested sink estate…until he’s shown a vision of the end of the world by two ancient deities.
Join a lovelorn mess of a man as he is forced to face up to what he deserves and save the Earth, with the help of a nice old dear and her collection of eye-popping tracksuits…

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“A brilliantly haphazard, broken glory all of its own. Forever Completely is utterly unashamed of itself…”

Quiet Radicals

Forever Completely will be available in hardback from September 2016.

News of the official release date and a schedule of future editions – in other formats – will be coming soon!

(We are looking for a handful of book bloggers to receive advance review copies and also to host James on a blog tour. All enquiries are most welcome).

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